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Green Tea Latte Snow Bubble Tea Drink (with Boba)

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Green tea slush is an easy drink to make that is perfect for those hot summer days. As one of our more popular bubble tea flavors, we thought it'd be nice to share this simple recipe so you can start enjoying this creamy icy-cold drink at the comfort of your own kitchen.


16 oz drink 


1-2 ounces Green Tea Latte Cream Flavor Series Powder

1-2 ounces Refined Creamer Powder

1/2-1 ounce Simple Syrup or Monin Pure Cane Syrup

1 cup crushed ice

5-6 ounces water/brewed tea

Mix all in blender and blend until meeting desired consistency. Pour over a 16 oz cup with a few scoops of boba and you're all set!